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SocialXcapade is a 21+ event
Passports are mandatory
No Vaccine Requirements


\\What are the dates for the SocialXcapade: Costa Mujeres?

Sept 15th - 19th, 2022

\\Do I need a passport?
Yes! To enter Costa Mujeres you must have a passport.  Please visit for more information.

\\What requirements are needed for Covid?

There are no requirements or vaccines necessary to enter Costa Mujeres. However for entry back into the United States you must provide a negative Covid result. 


\\What airport do I fly into to attend the SocialXcapade 2022?
You will need to fly into Cancun Airport.  The airport code is CUN.  If you choose to land at another airport you will need to arrange your own transportation.

\\Do the events include alcohol?

Yes we provide an open bar at all on property events and most off property events.

\\Does this trip include meals? 

Yes! Unlimited food and drinks are provided at the hotel during the trip!


\\Do I need a rental car?
No.  Roundtrip airport transfers have been arranged for everyone arriving/departing Sept 15/19.  The fee is $55 and will be due on final payment.  Due to this rate being previously arranged with the transfer company the fee is mandatory for everyone. For events held off property SocialXcapade will secure transportation for you. 

\\Is the money the same or do I have to convert?
US currency is used/accepted throughout Costa Mujeres. 

However if you choose to buy souvenirs you should bring small bills to make purchases. 

\\Where is this event held?
SocialXcapade is held in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. 25 minutes from Cancun.

\\What happens at the events?
SocialXcapade is a 5 day 4 night non-stop party! From the moment you arrive at the hotel it is packed with meet and greets, pool parties, day parties and themed nightly events! By booking with us you are provided an all access pass to all exclusive events! 

\\Do I have to dress up for the themed events?

The ultimate answer is no.  But why wouldn't you? Make the events more fun by participating in the themes.  Who knows you might even win a prize for best dressed!

\\Who host this event?
Alumni Travel Network has been organizing and hosting the Alumni Trip for the last eight years.  Previous trips have taken us to Tulum, Panama, Los Cabos, Curacao, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica (2) and Negril, Jamaica. This year all themed events will be hosted by guest Djs and Mcs.

\\Does this trip include all the parties? 

Yes! All parties are included in the package price. 

\\What if I don't have a roommate? 

Come alone or contact us and we will try to set you up with a roommate. 

\\Is my money refundable? 

No all deposits and payments are NON REFUNDABLE.  There is also $100 fee for all name changes. 

\\Can I pay all of my money for the trip at one time? 

Yes, however, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS and the payments are non-transferable. 

\\Is it too late to sign up for the SocialXcapade?
 No, the rooms will be available until we sell out.

\\I missed the 1st or 2nd payment, may I still go?

Yes just make a payment equal to the amount of the first and second payment.

\\Can I pay for my roommate(s)?

Yes you can pay for any of your roommates, however, please make sure you indicate how the money should be allocated. 

\\What happens if SocialXcapade is postponed/cancelled?

  1. There are no refunds if I choose to cancel or not attend the trip.

  2. If the trip is cancelled by SocialXcapade I will receive 100% of my payments back.

  3. If the trip is postponed by SocialXcapade all my payments will be assigned to the new dates. 

  4. If I can not make the new dates that SocialXcapade chooses I can request a refund and receive all monies back minus $100 from my deposit.

\\Who actually goes to SocialXcapade?
Alumni Travel Network caters to young professionals that are looking a break from the norm.  We are unlike any other urban group.  Yes we have careers, yes we goals but we also know how to turn up!  This trip is for singles, couples, fraternities, sororities, groups, and business minded young people who want an Xcape!

\\What exactly does my money get me on this trip?
SocialXcapade includes the following:

  • Five (5) Days/Four (4) Nights Hotel Stay

  • All you can eat

  • All you can drink

  • Meet & Greet

  • Group dinners

  • Themed Night Events

  • Multiple Pool Parties

  • Farewell Party

  • Local bar night

  • Shopping Excursions

  • Opportunity to meet new people from across the states


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