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Thanks for checking out the SocialXcapade influencers program! It's super simple to earn a free trip, just follow the instructions below!

Hey There Influencer!


Who can join the
influencer program?


Bachelor/bachelorette trip coming up? Earn a free trip for the spouse to be!

Fraternity or sorority anniversary? Plan a line trip!

Large following? Promote the trip and come party for free!

Group of friends that travel together? ​Split the commission between the whole group!


Steps to become a SocialXcapade Influencer:

  1. Review the website and make sure you know all about the trip.

  2. Choose a group name (or use your personal name as reference).

  3. Post the flyer on all your social networks. Be sure to always @socialxcapade and list your group name in your posts.

  4. When your guests make their first deposit make sure they type your name in the recommendation box.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 9.44.20 PM.png

What You'll Earn:

Bring 3 People | Get $125 Off
Bring 6 People | Get $250 Off
Bring 9 People | Get $500 Off
Bring 12 People | Earn a Free Trip!​
In order to receive credit:​
*All travelers that you bring must be new attendees*
*All travelers must put your name or group name as reference when they submit their deposit*
*Payment will be calculated after all guests are paid in full*
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